About Us

Freedom Oil, LLC began in July 2002, after acquiring four stores from Gast Fuel and Oil, Inc. Today, Freedom Oil operates six stores in Kosciusko and Marshall Counties. Freedom has invested back into the community by building 3 state of the art conveniences stores. One in Leesburg, Indiana and two in Warsaw, Indiana. It is a family-locally run business operated by Greg and Sheila Cobb and their daughter, Jennifer.


Freedom Oil strives to be a positive role model in Kosciusko and Marshall Counties by giving back to the community by participating in fundraisers such as the Spirit Pumps. Freedom Oil has given back over $10,000.00 this year to the community.


The family has over 60 years combined experience in the petroleum and convenience store industry. Freedom Oil LLC is a qualified gasoline distributor and a Female Minority owned business selling to other gas stations, convenience stores and commercial operations.